Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Alfonso Cuaron's Little Moscow ... Viktoria
  2. Annie ... Molly
  3. Big Little Lies (2007) ... Amabella Klein
  4. Christopher Nolan's 80s Style ... Karen Hayes
  5. The Creepy Norwoods ... Rose Norwood
  6. Darker than Black ... Yin
  7. Dune ... Alia Atreides
  8. Final Fantasy IX ... Eiko
  9. HELLBOUND ... Young Emily
  10. Les Miserables ... Young Cosette
  11. The Loud House(Live-Action) ... Luna Loud
  12. Nadia ... Idge
  13. The Rescuers(re-dubbed) ... Penny, the Orphan Girl(voice)
  14. Star Wars: A New Beginning ... Leia Organa
  15. The Walking Dead (film series) ... Sophia
  16. We're the Millers (2023) ... Melissa Fitzgerald

Popular Titles

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what if the 1985 film was released today.

Wonder Woman: The Animated Series

What if Wonder Woman had an animated series like Batman and Superman?

Terror Train

what if the 1980 Horror Movie was released today.


Fancasting Venom 2. This Spider-Man in the sony verse will not be Tom Holland.

The Amazing Spider-Man Duology (alternate cast)

What if The Amazing Spider-Man series 2012-2014 had a different cast


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