Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. 17 Again (80s) ... Maggie
  2. Airport ... Mrs. Ada Quonsett, stowaway
  3. Batman Series ... Dr. Leslie Thompkins
  4. The Batman Series ... Dr. Leslie Thompkins
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer ... Joyce Summers
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer II ... Joyce Summers
  7. Bulletproof/Revenge/Assassin (gender-swapped) ... Deputy Erica Gannon(Eric Gannon)
  8. The Corrections ... Caroline Lambert (Gary's Wife)
  9. The Dark Tower complete saga ... Gabrielle Deschain
  10. Fifth of July ... June Talley
  11. The Fionavar Tapestry ... Kimberly Ford
  12. Friday the 13th: The Tommy Jarvis Trilogy ... Mrs. Jarvis fromThe Final Chapter
  13. Home Alone: Kid Left Alone ... The Pigeon lady (from Home Alone 2)
  14. Kay Scarpetta Series ... Kay Scarpetta
  15. Mary Tyler Moore ... Phylis Lyndstrom
  16. A New Batman Film Series ... Dr. Leslie Thompkins
  17. Nolan in Houston ... Lynnette Nolan
  18. Ouran 1983 ... Hinako Tsuwabuki/Haylie Buckwith
  19. Rear Window ... Stella
  20. Rules of Prey ... Sister Mary Joseph/Elle Kruger
  21. Shermer Universe (1990's) ... Watts
  22. Tremors ... Heather Gummer
  23. What the Dead Know ... Penelope Johnson

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