Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Archie ... Ethel Muggs
  2. Archie ... Ethel Muggs
  3. Argo City: The Home of Supergirl ... Zelah
  4. Artemis Fowl ... Juliet Butler
  5. BATGIRL ... Courtney Taylor (Barbara's roommate)
  6. Berserk ... Erika
  7. C.H.A.P.L.I.N. ...  Oona O'Neill Chaplin/Hetty Kelly
  8. Dance in Time ... Ashley (Kim's friends)
  9. DOROTHY ... Dorothy Gailey
  10. The Fairy Godmother ... Stacey Connors
  11. Gossip Girl ... Jenny
  12. The Heavenly Kid ... Melissa
  13. Justice League vs. Brightburn (DC Animated Movie) ... Batgirl (voice)
  14. Kingdom Hearts ... Selphie
  15. No Turning Back ... Ashley Adams
  16. Rainbow Brite ... Shy Violet
  17. Remake of Grease ... Patty
  18. Saved by The Bell ... Kelly Kapowski
  19. Scooby-Doo! ... Velma Dinkley
  20. A Song of Ice and Fire ... Sansa Stark
  21. SUPERGIRL TV Series ... Jessica White (Perry White's Niece)
  22. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? ... Baby Jane as a Child
  23. Wonder Girl ... Ariella (Amazon)

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