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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Gibson Family Christmas 2: Meet the Families ... Lily McNulty
  2. The Gibson Family Christmas 3: Family is Forever ... Lily McNulty (Megan's daughter)
  3. The Gibson Family Christmas 4: Holiday Vacation ... Lily McNulty (Megan's daughter)
  4. The Gibson Family Christmas ... Lily McNulty(Megan's daughter)
  5. The Gibson Family Christmas: The Final Chapter ... Lily McNulty (Megan's daughter)
  6. Higher ... Ivy Halsey
  7. Ivy + Bean ... Bean/Bernice Blue
  8. Judy ... Liza Minelli(age 5-7)
  9. Once Upon a Christmas ... Mallory Sawyer(Ryan's younger sister)
  10. The Sullivan Family Christmas ... Julia Sullivan(Daniel's daughter)
  11. Wisdom of Christmas ... Lena Carson(Olivia's daughter)

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