Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. After the Fall ... Andie Watts
  2. The Catcher in the Rye ... Jane Gallagher
  3. Code Geass ... Milly Ashford
  4. Final Cut ... Sabrina Paxton
  5. Jawbreakers ... Liz Purr
  6. Pokémon: Gale of Darkness ... May
  7. Pokémon: Mewtwo Rising ... May
  8. Refashion Fear ... Bianca Friedkin
  9. Super Smash Bros. ... May
  10. Twin Oaks ... Amy Wheeler

Popular Titles

Blade: War of the Darkholders

The third/last film of Marvel's Blade reboot trilogy. Synopsis: Alongside Doctor Strange, the three detectives ...

Breaking Bad (1980's)

If Breaking Bad was made in the 1980's.

The Greatest

An Olympic Athlete name Cassius Clay, who is challenged by his secret ambitions, to demonstrate ...

The Trees

Based on Ali Shaw's novel, One night, when 44-year-old English teacher Adrien Thomas is alone ...


Remake of Stanley Kubrick's 1960 masterpiece.


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