Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The 45th ... Kellyanne Conway
  2. The Challenge of the Superfriends ... Cheetah
  3. FDR (TV Mini-Series) ... Anna Roosevelt
  4. Halloween: End Times ... Deputy Laurie Strode
  5. Hogan's Heroes ... Tiger
  6. Joe Wright's Little Moscow ... Ludmila
  7. Justice League In Crazyland ... Cheetah
  8. Justice League Of America ... Cheetah
  9. Justice League Of America - The Movie ... Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minerva)
  10. Justice League: The New Legend of Heroes ... Cheetah/Dr. Barbara Minerva
  11. The Punisher: No Mercy ... Jenny Cesare
  12. The Stand ... Susan Stern
  13. The Stand ... Rita Blakemoor
  14. THAT CERTAIN FEELING ... Karyl Murdock (Mark's mom)
  15. Under the Dome ... Linda Everett
  16. Wonder Woman ... Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)
  17. Wonder Woman ... The Cheetah/Dr. Barbara Minerva
  18. Wonder Woman ... Cheetah

Popular Titles

Thunderbird (2022)

(The sixth of the ten installments in the "CryptoVerse" series) An Arctic expedition during winter ...

Lizard Man (2023)

(The seventh of the ten installments in the "CryptoVerse" series) Initially inhabiting the swampland areas ...

Mongolian Death Worms (2023)

(The eighth of the ten installments in the "CryptoVerse" series) An adventurer and his camera ...

Run All Night (1995)

If Run All Night made 20 years earlier

The Avengers (Black Cast)

What if The Avengers was made with a black cast


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