Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Aliens vs Predator ... Blake
  2. The Avengers ... She-Hulk
  3. Batman ... Catwoman/Selina Kyle
  4. Batman (HBO TV Series) ... Catwoman/Selina Kyle
  5. Batman: Gotham Knight (Netflix TV Series) ... Catwoman/Selina Kyle
  6. Chaotix Adventure ... Rouge the Bat
  7. Conan the Barbarian ... Valeria
  8. Dharma & Greg ... Jane Deaux,
  9. Disney Villians ... Evil Queen/ Old Hag
  10. Justice League: War ... Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
  11. Mass Effect ... Nassana Dantius
  12. Night at The Museum (2016) ... Rebecca
  13. The Question ... Daria Hernandez
  14. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs ... Queen / Witch
  15. Sonic Adventure 2 ... Rouge the Bat
  16. Sonic Adventure 3 (Video Game) ... Rouge the Bat (voice)
  17. Sonic The Hedgehog ... Rouge
  18. Sonic the Hedgehog (Live Action) (2018) ... Rouge the Bat
  19. Sonic the Hedgehog next gen ... Rouge the Bat
  20. Sonic Voice Castings (2019) ... Rouge

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