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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Adam Strange ... Todd Strange
  2. The Adventure of Pablo Parsec ... Simon Kody
  3. Aquaman ... Aaron Wilker (U.S. Naval Ship Crew)
  4. Batman (TV Show) ... Batman / Bruce Wayne
  5. Dr. Fate ... Eric Strauss
  6. Enemy Mine ... Jonathan
  7. Firestorm: The Nuclear Man ... Firestorm/Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond
  8. Green Lantern ... Hal Jordan (GL)
  9. Green Lantern series ... Andrew "Drew" McGowan
  10. Nightwing ... Tad Rayerstad
  11. Superman Forever ... Lawrence Logan
  12. Wonder Woman ... Steve Trevor
  13. Wonder Woman series ... Sgt. Steve Trevor

Popular Titles

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What if Fired Up? was made 10 years later

The Pick-up Artist

what if the 1987 Robert Downey Jr/Molly Ringwald film came out today

Sonic Universe: Shadow Fall

In outer space, the Shuttle Ratatosk makes its way by the New Black Comet. Inside ...

The Freshman

what if the Marlon Brando/Matthew Broderick film came out today

Batman: Gotham Crusader

A sequel series to Fox's Gotham


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