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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Archie's Weird Mysteries Live Action Movie ... Betty Cooper
  2. American Crime Story: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy ... Joan Kennedy
  3. American Psycho ... Evelyn Williams, the fiancee
  4. Archie ... Betty Cooper
  5. Archie's Weird Mysteries Animated Movie ... Betty Cooper
  6. The Big Sleep ... Vivian Sternwood Rutledge
  7. The Big Wedding (2023) ... Lyla Griffin (Katherine Heigl)
  8. Biopic Auditions: Cher ... Contestant 3
  9. The Dark Knight Returns ... Robin/Carrie Kelly
  10. Familiar of Zero ... Sylphid/Illococoo
  11. Footloose: The Musical ... Ariel Moore
  12. Genreverse ... Samantha Lanier (Romance)
  13. The Gibson Family Christmas 3: Family is Forever ... Stella Roberts-Jones
  14. The Gibson Family Christmas 4: Holiday Vacation ... Stella Roberts-Jones
  15. The Gibson Family Christmas ... Stella Roberts(Clarence's girlfriend)
  16. The Gibson Family Christmas: The Final Chapter ... Stella Roberts-Jones
  17. GREASE 3 ... Sandy Zuko
  18. Jersey Girl(2017) ... Maya Harding(Liv Tyler)
  19. K-On! (aka Keion!) ... Tsumugi Kotobuki
  20. Knocked Up (2017) ...  Alison Scott
  21. The Legend of Audrey Hepburn ... Doris Day
  22. The Martian (2025) ... Annie Montrose
  23. Mr Pitt & Mrs Jolie ... Jennifer Aniston
  24. Naruto ... Ino
  25. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia ... Linda Brody
  26. Razzies 2017: The Bizzare Bad Movies of this Year. ... Julianne "Dancing with the BAAAD stars" Hough
  27. Rock This Family ... Britney Parks (Sister)
  28. SPACE GALAXY ... Eliza Rosenberg

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