Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Age of Consent ... Ma Ryan
  2. All About Eve ... Margo Channing
  3. The Belgariad ... Queen Layla of Sendaria
  4. Bette Davis ... Joan Crawford
  5. Disney Heroes ... Maleficant
  6. Disney Villians ... Maleficant
  7. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton series ... Elizabeth Warren
  8. Fairy Tale Theater : Cinderella ... Lady Eve, The Step-Mother
  9. Fairy Tale Theater : The Little Mermaid ... Morganna, The Sea Witch
  10. Judy Garland ... Judy Garland
  11. Limitless (80s) ... Lindy
  12. Peter Rabbit(80s) ... Bea
  13. Phantom of the Opera ... Madame Giry
  14. The Rat Pack: The Hey-Hey Days of Frank and the Boys ... Judy Garland
  15. Sunset Boulevard ... Norma Desmond

Popular Titles

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Lion King (Part 2)

Simba and Nala became (King and Queen) of Pride Rock in the Jungles of Africa …

The Goonies (2021)

Amblin/1492 Pictures/The Donners' Company/Sarah Watson Company/FOX Entertainment/Warner Bros. Television

The Mosquito Coast (2016)

What if The Mosquito Coast was made 30 years later? An inventor spurns his city …


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