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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Anastasia (2024) ... Bartok
  2. Bartok the Magnificent ... Bartok (voice)
  3. Buzz Lightyear: The Live-Action Movie ... Booster
  4. Christmas: FUCK YEAH! ... Olaf
  5. Disney Princess Part 1 ... Olaf (Voice)
  6. DuckTales: An Extraordinary Journey ... Doofus Drake
  7. DuckTales: The Curse of Merlock and Dijon ... Doofus Drake
  8. DuckTales: The Genie in the Magic Lamp ... Doofus Drake
  9. The Fantastic Team ... Olaf
  10. The Foghorn Leghorn and Barnyard Dog Show ... Foghorn Leghorn
  11. Frozen (Live Action) ... Olaf
  12. Ice Age: Back in Time ... Zartan the Meerkat
  13. Journey Into Space: A My Little Pony Movie ... Zeke (voice)
  14. Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade Wars (1/2) ... Olaf (voice)
  15. Littlest Pet Shop (Live-Action) ... Sunil Nevla
  16. The Looking Glass Wars ... Blue Caterpillar
  17. Rio 3 ... Bill
  18. The Super Six ... Olaf
  19. Sword in the Stone ... Archimedes

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