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Actor Imaginography

  1. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures: The Movie ... JonTron
  2. The Angry Video Game Nerd vs The Nostalgia Critic: THE MOVIE ... JonTron
  3. The Filthy Frank Movie: War in the Ricefields ... JonTron
  4. The Lion King ... Timon
  5. Sausage Party (Channel Awesome) ... Carl
  6. This Is The End With YouTube Stars ... Seth Rogen

Popular Titles

Shape of Vengeance/Shape of Justice

A two-part radical reimagining of the Halloween franchise, inspired by recent events (involving police brutality …

Dawn of The Dead (2014)

10 years later

Planet Hulk (Live-Action)

The Incredible Hulk, ejected from Earth in a spaceship, crash-lands on a planet ruled by …


Ghost if it came out today

Black Swan (2020)

Black Swan if it came out today


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