Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Ant-Man ... Hank Pym
  2. The Avengers 2012 ... Ant-Man
  3. The Avengers ... Yellowjacket
  4. The Avengers ... Ant-Man (Dr. Henry Pym)
  5. Avengers: The Movie ... Ant-Man/Giant-Man/YellowJacket (Dr. Hank Pym)
  6. Batman ... Bob the Goon
  7. The Beatles ... John Ono Lennon
  8. The Beatles ... Stu Sutcliffe
  9. The Big Lebowski ... Nihilist #2, Kieffer
  10. Come As You Are: The Kurt Cobain Biopic ... Kurt Cobain
  11. Hair ... Claude
  12. Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain ... Kurt Cobain
  13. The Looking Glass Wars ... Dodge Anders
  14. Midnight Rock Show ... Kurt Cobain
  15. NBC's Hannibal ... Mason Verger
  16. The Real Justice League ... Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  17. Scare! ... Peter Cushing
  18. Street Fighter ... Ken Masters
  19. Street Fighter ... Ken Masters
  20. Wolverine and the X-Men ... Hurricane

Popular Titles

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What if A Beautiful Mind directed by The Coen Brothers?

David O. Russell’s A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind directed by David O. Russell

Wes Anderson’s Inception

What if Wes Anderson directed Inception?

David Fincher's A Beautiful Mind

What if David Fincher directed A Beautiful Mind?

Sam Mendes' A Beautiful Mind

What if Sam Mendes directed A Beautiful Mind?


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