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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Aliens vs Predator ... Major Thomas Van Zandt
  2. Biohazard (Resident Evil) ... Albert Wesker
  3. Blade VS. The Punisher (2013) ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  4. Civil War: Avengers II ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  5. Hot Fuzz (U.S. Remake) ... Sgt. Tony Fisher
  6. KNIGHTS: THE LAST LIGHT - PART 2 ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  7. Mortal kombat vs injustice ... Aquaman
  8. PUNISHER ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  9. The Punisher (Remake) ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  10. The Punisher VS. Scarface ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  11. The Punisher ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  12. The Punisher ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  13. The Punisher ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  14. The Punisher: Born ... Frank Castle/The Punisher
  15. Punisher: The Beginning ... The Punisher: Frank Castle
  16. The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank! ... The Punisher: Frank Castle aka John Smith
  17. Resident Evil ... Albert Wesker
  18. Resident Evil 0 ... Kevin Dooley
  19. Resident Evil 0 ... Albert Wesker
  20. Resident Evil 5 ... Albert Wesker
  21. Resident Evil Code: Veronica ... Albert Wesker
  22. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles ... Albert Wesker
  23. The Spider-Man ... Hydro Man
  24. Watchmen : The TV Series ... Hollis Mason (Young) / Nite Owl I

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