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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Freedom Planet: Heroes (Netflix Series) ... Commander Torque (voice)
  2. Heroes United: Coronavirus (Video Game) ... Sonic the Hedgehog (voice)
  3. The LEGO Avengers: Endgame (video Game) ... Scott Lang/Ant-Man (voice)
  4. LEGO: Dimensions (Part 1) ... Shadow the Hedgehog (voice)
  5. Marvel Spider-Man: (Season 3) ... Wade Wilson/Deadpool (NEW) (voice)
  6. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season 9 to ???) ... Audition #13
  7. Shadow the Hedgehog ... Shadow the Hedgehog
  8. Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Revenge of the Eclipse ... Shadow the Hedgehog
  9. Smash Bros. Series ... Sonic the Hedgehog
  10. Sonic Auditions Ep. 01: Sonic ... Judge 1
  11. Sonic Auditions Ep. 02: Dr. Eggman ... Judge 1
  12. Sonic Boom (2007) ... Sonic the Hedgehog (voice)
  13. Sonic Boom (2007) ... Shadow the Hedgehog (voice)
  14. Sonic Boom (Season 3) ... Shadow the Hedgehog/Wolfie (voice)
  15. Sonic Boom: Search for the Chaos Emerald ... Shadow the Hedgehog (voice)
  16. Sonic the Hedgehog ... Sonic the Hegehog (Voice)
  17. Sonic the Hedgehog (2015) ... Shadow the Hedgehog
  18. Sonic the Hedgehog: Mobians United ... Shadow the Hedgehog (voice)
  19. Sonic vs. Spider-Man ... Sonic the Hedgehog
  20. Sonic X: Revenge of the Metarex ... Lucas/Dark Oak
  21. TMNT : Turtles Forever (Nickelodeon remake) ... Leonardo (Image)
  22. Vocaloid: Miku's Beginning(2015) ... Shadow The Hedgehog

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