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Actor Imaginography

  1. Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam! ... Billy Baston
  2. Billy Batson And The Legend of Shazam! ... Billy Batson
  3. Justice League Of America - The Movie ... Billy Batson
  4. King Kong (2025) ... Preston
  5. The Legend of Shazam! ... Billy Batson
  6. Lisa Cholodenko's The Invaders ... Gavin
  7. Revenge of the Nerds ... Lewis Skolnick
  8. Shazam! ... Billy Batson
  9. Shazam! ... Billy Batson
  10. Twin Oaks ... Jonathan West
  11. Wes Anderson's Batman ... Tim Drake
  12. Wes Anderson's Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unforntunate Events ... Klaus Baudelaire
  13. Wes Anderson's Little Moscow ... Nikolai
  14. Wes Anderson's Manchester by the Sea ... Patrick Chandler (Lucas Hedges)

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The Origin of Kara Zor-El, The Last Daughter of Krypton begins her Journey on Earth …

Lion King (Part 2)

Simba and Nala became (King and Queen) of Pride Rock in the Jungles of Africa …

The Goonies (2021)

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