Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Atlas Shrugged ... Eddie Willers
  2. Batgirl ... District Attorney Harvey Dent
  3. Beetlejuice ... BeetleJuice
  4. The Flash ... Axel Walker/Trickster II
  5. Gilligan's Island ... Gilligan
  6. Have A Nice Day: A True Story Of Blood and Sweatsocks ... Eric Bischoff
  7. I Dream of Jeannie ... Major Roger Healey
  8. Ice T Biopic ... Jerry Heller
  9. The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones ... George Jetson
  10. The Jetsons ... George Jetson
  11. The Jetsons: the Live-Action Motion Picture ... George Jetson
  12. Monster World: Enemies ... Mr Misery
  13. Panic Attack ... Jerry
  14. Rocket Robin Hood ... Wil Scarlet
  15. Scott Pilgrim VS The World (2000) ... Stephen Stills
  16. Smash Bros. Series ... Diddy Kong
  17. Super Smash Bros. : The Movie ... Diddy Kong (Voice)
  18. Teen Titans (Live Action Movie) ... Beast Boy
  19. The Thing (2016) ... Palmer
  20. Three's Company ... Jack Tripper
  21. Watchmen ... Hooded Justice
  22. WKRP In Cincinnati ... Les Nessman

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