Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Batman(Western Edition) ... Sherrif Gordon
  2. Danger Mouse: The Movie ... Colonel K
  3. DuckTales: The Genie in the Magic Lamp ... Captain Randall Teach, A.K.A., "Blackberry"
  4. Flash: The Fastest Man Alive ... Dexter Myles
  5. Gravity Falls Season 3 and a Movie ... Ford Pines
  6. The Land Before Time: A New Beginning ... Cera's Father
  7. The LEGO Spider-Man Movie ... J. Jonah Jameson
  8. LEGO: Captain America: Civil War ... Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross
  9. Man Of Steel The New Adventures ... Mantis
  10. Meet the Feebles (2014) ... Bletch the Walrus
  11. The Simpsons Origins: Chief Wiggum ... Prison Warden
  12. The Simpsons Origins: Sideshow Bob ... Warden
  13. Sonic: Planet of Chaos (New Anime Series) ... Uncle Chuck
  14. Star Wars Episode 1: The Chaos of the Clones ... Ancepes Solomahal (voice)
  15. Superman: Metropolis (animated) ... General Sam Lane

Popular Titles

Wes Anderson’s American Hustle

American Hustle directed by Wes Anderson

Quentin Tarantino’s Manchester by the Sea

What if Manchester by the Sea directed by Quentin Tarantino?

David O. Russell’s Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea directed by David O. Russell

David O. Russell’s CODA

What if CODA directed by David O. Russell?


]What if Elvis was released 11 years ago around 2011 ? What would it be …


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