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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Call Me By Your Name (1997) ... Annella Perlman (Amira Casar)
  2. Children of Dune ... Reverend Mother Mohiam
  3. Crimson Peak (1995) ... Lucille Sharpe
  4. The Dark Crystal ... Aughra
  5. Denis Villeneuve's Big Little Lies ... Mary Louise Wright (Meryl Streep)
  6. Denis Villeneuve's Interstellar ... Old Murph
  7. Denis Villeneuve's Man of Steel ... Lara Lor-Van
  8. Denis Villeneuve's Nocturnal Animals ... Anne Sutton (Laura Linney)
  9. Denis Villeneuve's Silver Linings Playbook ... Dolores Solitano
  10. Denis Villeneuve's The Grand Budapest Hotel ... Madame Céline Villeneuve Desgoffe und Taxis (Madame D.)
  11. The Diary of Anne Frank ... Edith Frank
  12. Hyperion ... Meina Gladstone
  13. Hyperion ... Siri
  14. Murder on the Orient Express ... Greta Ohlsson
  15. Murder on the Orient Express ... Greta Ohlsson
  16. The Simpsons Origins: Sideshow Bob ... Fransesca (Wife)
  17. Sitter Wanted (1989) ... Nikki
  18. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? ... Blanche Hudson
  19. Wild at Heart ... Perdita Durango
  20. Wonder Woman (1985) ... Etta Candy

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