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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Adam Bede ... Mr. Poyser
  2. Beauty and the Beast (re-dub) ... Bookseller
  3. The Bionic Woman ... General Jack Spencer
  4. Doctor Zhivago ... Alexander Gromeko
  5. Dune (2012) ... Gurney Halleck
  6. Fairy Tale Theater : Cinderella ... Alfred, The Royal Butler
  7. Gangs of New York (2012) ...  William "Boss" Tweed
  8. Gangs of New York (2022) ... Boss Tweed
  9. The Great Escape ... Flight Lt. Colin Blythe "The Forger"
  10. Harry Potter (Adults) ... Horace Slughorn
  11. Inkheart (2019) ... Fenoglio (Jim Broadbent)
  12. King Solomon's Mines ... Sir Henry Curtis
  13. Murder on the Orient Express ... Edward Henry Masterman
  14. Murder on the Orient Express ... Edward Beddoes
  15. The Perfect Batman Movie ... Dr. Hugo Strange
  16. The Presidents ... Millard Fillmore
  17. The Remains of the Day ... Benn, Miss Kentons fiancee
  18. The Remains of the Day ... Sir John Spencer

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