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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The A-List ... Cammie Sheppard
  2. Aquaman ... Princess Mera
  3. Argo City: The Home of Supergirl ... Thora
  4. Baltimore Blues ... Whitney Talbot
  5. Beverly Hills, 90210 ... Kelly Taylor
  6. Black Canary ... Black Canary/Dinah "Lance II" Queen
  7. Charm City ... Whitney Talbot
  8. The Dante Club ... Mabel Lowell
  9. The Flash (series) ... Victoria Reagan
  10. Full House (2018) ... Pamela "Pam" Katsopolis Tanner
  11. Gossip Girl ... Serena
  12. Gotham Series ... Victoria "Vicki" Vale
  13. Green Lantern series ... Carol Ferris
  14. Iron Man (First Series) ... Janice Cord
  15. James Bond 007: The TV Series ... Gala Brand (Moonraker)
  16. The Lovely Bones ... Older Lindsey Salmon
  17. Metropolis (Superman series) ... Catherine "Cat" Grant
  18. Midvale ... Lena Thoral
  19. Rock-a-Doodle Returns ... Lydia, Edmond's wife
  20. The Spectre ... Amy Beitermann
  21. Supergirl (Superman Spin-Off Remake) ... Power Girl/Karen Star (Cameo Appearance)
  22. Supergirl Returns (Remake) ... Supergirl/Kara/Linda Lee Danvers
  23. Superman Forever ... Supergirl/Kara/Linda Lee Danvers
  24. Wicked Lovely ... Donia
  25. Wonder Woman: The Amazing Amazon ... Jerrah (Amazon Warrior)

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