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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Agent ... Gabriel (agent)
  2. Aladdin (live action) ... Jafar
  3. Angels and Demons ... The Hassassin
  4. Batman (DC Extended Universe) ... Ra's al Ghul
  5. Batman Reboot - Batman Beyond ... Ra’s Al Ghul
  6. BATMAN VS GREEN ARROW ... Ra's Al Ghul
  7. Batman: Arkham Asylum ... Ra's al Ghul
  8. Batman: Hush ... Ra's Al Ghul
  9. DC cinematic universe(Marvel Cast) ... Henri Dukard/Ra' al Ghul
  10. DC Universe Part 2 ... Ras Al Ghul
  11. Deus Ex: Human Revolution ... Jaron Namir
  12. Double Dragon ... Abobo
  13. Dune (2012) ... Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV
  14. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra ... Rex Lewis/ Cobra Commander
  15. Hellboy vs. Dracula ... The Mummy
  16. Henders ... Samir el-Aswah
  17. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ... Mola Ram
  18. Interview With The Princess Of Wales ... Martin Bashir
  19. Lost (Movie Version) ... Sayid Jarrah
  20. The Perfect Batman Movie ... Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
  21. Resident Evil 5 ... Dan DeChant
  22. The Road to EL Dorado ... Tzekel-Kan
  23. Star Trek 2009 (Gender-Swapped) ... Captain Richard Robau
  24. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ... Khan Noonan Singh
  25. Street Fighter ... Dhalsim
  26. Street Fighter : Battle For Shadaloo ... Doctor Dhalsim
  27. Untitled Van Helsing Sequel ... Imhotep/Ardath Bey/The Mummy
  28. Wonder Woman (Marvel cast) ... Sameer
  29. X-Men ... Professor X/Professor Charles Xavier
  30. Young Justice Invasion ... Ra's al Ghul

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