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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Adventures Of Brer Rabbit 2 ... Sister Moon
  2. Cheaper by the Dozen 3 (2019 film with new cast members) ... Edith Anderson
  3. Chowder ... Truffles
  4. A Confederacy of Dunces ... Santa Bagglia
  5. Dave the Barbarian ... Lula the Enchanted Sword
  6. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz ... Tiny Pigelt 2 (voice)
  7. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends ... Madame Foster
  8. Kikoriki: Team Invincible ... Ms. Camel
  9. Recess ... Muriel P. Finster
  10. The Rescuers(re-dubbed) ... Ellie Mae(voice)
  11. The Road to Oz ... Bilina the hen (voice)
  12. Scaredy Squirrel ... Mildred
  13. The Secret on NIMH ... Auntie Shrew
  14. Seinfeld ... Estelle Constanza
  15. Sonic Boom (2007) ... Lady Walrus (voice)
  16. Toy Story 2 (1989) ... Mrs. Potato Head
  17. Toy Story 3 (2000) ... Mrs. Potato Head
  18. Twisted Metal: Doomsday 3D ... Granny Dread
  19. Two and a Half Men (1980s) ... Berta
  20. Uncle Buck ... Mrs. Hogoboom
  21. Youtube: The Movie ... Michael Green's Grandma
  22. Zack and Cody: All Grown Up ... Muriel the Maid

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