Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Aladdin (live-action) ... The Sultan
  2. Angels and Demons ... Cardinal Guidera (Spain)
  3. The Batman Series ... Alfred Pennyworth
  4. Batman Villains ... Hugo Strange
  5. Bond 23 (2011) ... The Villan
  6. Dead Space ... Dr Challus Mercer
  7. Diamond are forever​ retribution ... Q
  8. Dune ... Liet Kynes
  9. Gauntlet : Legends ... Garn
  10. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ... Mola Ram
  11. On the Waterfront (2004) ... Aarav the Cab Driver
  12. The Passage ... Sanjay Patel
  13. A Song of Ice and Fire ... Thoros of Myr
  14. Splatterhouse ... Dr. West
  15. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ... Zhar Lestin
  16. The Testament ... Valdir, Brizilian that reports to Josh
  17. The Wild​ Wild West ... Col. Doug Richmond

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