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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Appointment With Death ... Nadine Boynton
  2. Avengers Assemble II: The Power Of The Tyridyans ... Amora/The Enchantress 1
  3. Axis Powers Nyotalia ... Anya Braginskaya/Russia
  4. Batman: The Killing Joke ... Jennie (Joker's Wife)
  5. The Later The Lunch ... Avril Wright
  6. Nocturnals ... Polychrome
  7. Sailor Moon: The Movie ... Mina/Sailor Venus
  8. Valley of the Dolls ... Anne Wells
  9. Vampire Academy ... Lissa Dragomir
  10. Wild Magic ... Miri
  11. Wonder Woman ... The Cheetah/Dr. Barbara Minerva
  12. The Young Assassin II ... Beverly "Bev" Walker
  13. The Young Assassin III ... Beverly Walker

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