Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Alien Storm ... Scooter
  2. The Avengers 2 ... Rocket Raccoon
  3. Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (Epic Version) ... Scrooge McDuck
  4. DuckTales: An Extraordinary Journey ... Scrooge McDuck
  5. DuckTales: The Curse of Merlock and Dijon ... Scrooge McDuck
  6. DuckTales: The Genie in the Magic Lamp ... Scrooge McDuck
  7. House of Mouse: Revival (Part 1) ... Scrooge McDuck
  8. how to train your dragon (disney version) ... spitelout
  9. The Hyperion Cantos [TV Series] ... Ummon
  10. Sonic Underground: Revival (Part 1) ... Lionel
  11. Sonic Underground: Revival (Part 1) ... Stripes
  12. Sonic Universe: The Silver Age ... Prof. Von Schlemmer
  13. Time Squad ... Lawrence "Larry" 3000

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