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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Batman '66 ... The Mad Hatter
  2. The Batman Series ... Mad Hatter/Jervis Tetch
  3. Batman: No Man's Land ... Mad Hatter / Jervis Tetch
  4. Batman: The Long Halloween ... The Mad Hatter
  5. Cagney & Lacey ... Harvard Lacey
  6. Lee Daniels' The Butler ... Book

Popular Titles

The Land that Time Forgot (2015)

What if The Land that Time Forgot was made 40 years later? During World War …

Undeclared (2010-11)

What if Undeclared aired 10 years later?

When You Love Someone

Two childhood friends become lovers until one of them dies unexpectedly. PITCH: It's like Boyhood …

Midway (2009)

What if Midway was made 10 years earlier? The story of the Battle of Midway, …

Double Suspicion

A struggling writer tracks down his twin brother who kidnapped and murdered his daughter. PITCH: …


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