Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Cat People ... Joe Creigh
  2. Diamond are forever​ retribution ... Felix Lieter
  3. Field of Dreams ... Mark
  4. Green Lantern Corps ... Hal Jordan
  5. The Honor Killing (a Dirty Harry and Bullitt Crossover) ... Detective lieutenant Frank Bullitt
  6. The Last of Us ... Robert
  7. Lethal Weapon ... Martin Riggs
  8. Lethal Weapon (Remake) ... Sgt.Martin Riggs
  9. Lethal Weapon 2 ... Detective Martin Riggs
  10. The Lethal Weapon Franchise ... Detective Sgt. Martin Riggs
  11. New Members for Justice League 2 ... Green Arrow/Oliver Queen
  12. Oswald ... Officer J.D. Tippit
  13. Terminator/Lethal Weapon crossover ... Martin Riggs
  14. Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead ... Francis "Big Bear Franchise" Chiser
  15. TWO SIBLINGS, ONE MISSION ... Dean McCaffrey

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