Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Clue ... Mr. Green
  2. Duke Nukem ... Duke Nukem
  3. The Flash ... James Jesse/Trickster I
  4. Justice League Of America - The Movie ... The Trickster (James Jesse)
  5. Suicide Squad ... The Trickster

Popular Titles

Death Battle: Dracula VS. Frankenstein (Monster vs. Monster)

Monster-to-Monster Death Battle Between Dracula and Frankenstein will Joined on Death Battle Who Will Won …

Death Battle Tag Team: Lilac & Shantae VS. Starfire & Wonder Woman (GalaxyTrail & Wayforward vs. DC)

What if Death Battle Team are Having a Tag Team of Great Heroines to Face-to-Face …

The Shining (1960)

What if The Shining was made 20 years before it's release?

The Exorcist (1964)

What if The Exorcist was made 10 years before it's release?

Dracula (1981)

What if Dracula was made in the 1980's?


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