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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series ... Detective Tammy Reynolds
  2. Bella Swan TV series ... Lauren Mallory
  3. Blondie and Dagwood ... Blondie Bumstead
  4. Bridge To Terabithia ... Ms. Meyers
  5. Cheech and Chong ... Riki Marin
  6. Child's Play 2 ... Joanne Simpson
  7. Clue ... Yvette The Maid
  8. Ghost Busters ... Dana Barrett
  9. The Great Gatsby ... Daisy Buchanan
  10. I Take These Men ... Carol Sherwood
  11. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ... Emeline Marcus-Finch, wife of J. Russell Finch
  12. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ... Emeline Marcus-Finch
  13. The Miracle Worker ... Annie Sullivan
  14. Ocean's 11 (Frat Pack) ... Tess Ocean
  15. Oscars 1963 (2013) ... Anne Bancroft
  16. The Peanuts Movie (Frat Pack) ... Sally Brown
  17. Pulp Fiction (Frat Pack) ... Mia Wallace
  18. Welcome Back Kotter ... Julie Kotter
  19. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ...  Mrs. Bucket

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