Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee ... Leaf Coneybear
  2. Airplane! ... Johnny Henshaw
  3. Bananaman ... Bananaman
  4. the Big Bang Theory (Movie Version) ... Leonard Hofstadter
  5. Cabaret ... The Emcee
  6. The Caine Mutiny ... Meatball
  7. Clue ... Wadsworth The Butler
  8. Donkey Kong Country series ... Lanky Kong
  9. Fist Fight(2007) ... Andrew "Andy"/"Light Roast" Campbell/Charlie Day
  10. Friends ... Gunther
  11. Gilligan's Island ... Gilligan
  12. H.R. Pufnstuf ... Freddie the Flute
  13. Horrible Bosses (2001) ... Dale Arbus
  14. Hotel Artemis (2008) ... Acapulco
  15. I Dream of Jeannie ... Major Roger Healey
  16. I Got the Show Right Here ... Joel Grey
  17. Laverne and Shirley ... Andrew Squiggmann (Squiggy)
  18. Monty Python Speaks ... Terry Gilliam
  19. One Day At A Time ... Dwayne F. Schneider
  20. The Origin of Santa Christ: THE MOVIE ... Harvey Levin (TMZ)
  21. Soap - The Movie ... Jody Dallas
  22. Superman Returns ... James "Jimmy" Olsen
  23. Superman Villains ... Toyman/Scott Winslow
  24. Tag (1998) ... Dave
  25. The Three Stooges ... Moe Howard
  26. Tim Burton's The Wizard of Oz ... Nikko
  27. Welcome Back Kotter ... Arnold Horshack
  28. Wizard of Oz ... Niko (Flying Monkey)

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