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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Death Battle Celebrites: Eminem VS. MGK (Marshall Mathers vs. Richard Baker) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  2. Death Battle Tag Team: Lilac & Shantae VS. Starfire & Wonder Woman (GalaxyTrail & Wayforward vs. DC) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  3. Death Battle: Amy Rose VS. Pinkie Pie (Sonic the Hedgehog vs. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  4. Death Battle: Chucky VS. Leprechaun (Child's Play vs. Leprechaun Triogy) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  5. Death Battle: Chucky VS. Slappy (Child's Play vs. Goosebumps) (Halloween Edition) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  6. Death Battle: Dracula VS. Frankenstein (Monster vs. Monster) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  7. Death Battle: Freddy Krueger VS. Jason Vorhees (A Nightmare on Elm Street vs. Friday the 13th) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  8. Death Battle: Machete vs. Rambo (Troublemaker VS. Lionsgate/Orion) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  9. Death Battle: Mary Poppins VS. Nanny McPhee ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  10. Death Battle: Michael Myers VS. Victor Crowley (Halloween vs. Hatchet) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  11. Death Battle: Rainbow Dash VS. The Flash (Hasbro VS. DC) ... Battle Annoucer (voice)
  12. Death Battle: Spade VS. Shadow the Hedgehog (Freedom Planet VS. Sonic the Hedgehog) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  13. Death Battle: Spider-Man VS. Deadpool (Marvel vs. Marvel) ... Battle Announcer (voice)
  14. Death Battle: Tag Team: Robert McCall & John Wick vs. Jack Reacher & Jason Bourne ... Battle Announcer (voice)

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