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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Black History ... Coretta King
  2. Blacula ... Tina/Luva
  3. Butterfly ... Mariah Carey
  4. Dancing in the Street: Confessions of a Motown Diva ... Sandra Tilley
  5. Enemy of the State (2018) ... Carla Dean (Regina King)
  6. A Girl Called Dusty ... Shirley Bassey
  7. Go, Johnny, Go!: The Chuck Berry Story ... Themetta "Toddy" Suggs
  8. The Godfather ... Appolonia Vitelli-Corleone
  9. Here I Am, Baby!: The Stevie Wonder Story ... Coretta Scott King
  10. Iconic Female Singers ... Shirley Bassey
  11. Ironheart ... Samantha Williams
  12. Lacuna Reverse, Inc. ... Sally Tremaine
  13. Miles Morales :The Utimate Spiderman ... Miles Mom
  14. NIGHTWING: THE HIVE ... Adeline Kane/Queen Bee
  15. Oscar Bateman ... Dr. Kelly Dowd
  16. Ridley Scott's Avengers: Infinity War ... Gamora
  17. Ridley Scott's Big Little Lies ... Bonnie Carlson (Zoë Kravitz)
  18. Unitled Movie 43 Sequel (a.k.a. Movie 44 or Sequel 86) ... Rhonda

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