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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Care Bears Movie ... The Witch
  2. dinosaucers ... apatty saurus
  3. Dinosaucers ... Apatty Saurus (Apatosaurus)
  4. Fantastic Myths ... Athena
  5. The Fantastic Team ... Princess Fiona
  6. Martin Scorsese's Her ... Samantha
  7. Pluto: The Movie ... Rosie, John's Girlfriend and Pluto's Auntie (voice)
  8. Shrek the Series ... Fiona
  9. Superboy ... Martha Kent
  10. Supergirl: The Girl of Steel ... Lana Lang
  11. Superman & Supergirl (Animated) ... Cindy White (Perry White's Daughter-In-Law)
  12. Superman: Bottle City of Kandor ... Cindy White (Perry White's Daughter)
  13. Superman: Metropolis (animated) ... Catherine Grant
  14. Superman: Reign of the 4 Supermen ... Catherine "Cat" Grant
  15. The White Tiger ... Sheera The White Tigeress

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