Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Alien ... Ash
  2. Blade VS. The Punisher (2013) ... Detective Martin Soap
  3. Bride of Chucky ... Lt. Preston
  4. DragonAge: Origins ... Rioridan
  5. Fables ... The Nome King
  6. Fifty Shades of Grey 2014 ... Ray Stelle
  7. The Hand of Vengeance ... James (gangster)
  8. Isle of Hunters ... Jonas Moore (Sheriff)
  9. Jurassic Park ... Martin 'Marty' Guttierez
  10. Knight of Vengeance ... The Scarecrowe/Dr. Jonathan Crane
  11. Movie:The Movie ... Jack Nicolson (1970s)
  12. PUNISHER ... Detective Martin Soap
  13. Sherlock Holmes ... Tobias Gregson
  14. True Crime: Streets of LA ... Rasputin "Rocky" Kuznetskov
  15. What Lies Beneath (2018) ... Warren Feur

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