Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Bat-Man ... Lieutenant James Gordon
  2. The Challenge of the Superfriends ... Captain Cold
  3. Charlotte's Web ... Ferns dad
  4. Concrete Angel: Judith Barsi's Entire Life (2018 bio pic movie) ... Burt Reynolds
  5. The Dark Knight Detective ... Lieutenant James Gordon
  6. The Faculty ... Coach Joe Willis
  7. The Flash ... Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard
  8. HeartCatch Pretty Cure ... Ryuunosuke Kurumi
  9. The Judge (2024) ... Dwight Dickham (Billy Bob Thornton)
  10. Jungle Girl ... Dr. John Meredith/Bradley Meredith
  11. Justice ... Captian Cold\ Leonard Snart
  12. Justice League Of America - The Movie ... Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)
  13. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox ... Captain Cold
  14. The Justice Trilogy ... Captain Cold / Leonard Snart
  15. The Land Before Time ... Bron, Littlefoot's father
  16. Left 4 Dead Franchise ... Virgil
  17. The Lost World (aka Jurassic Park 2) ... Ed James
  18. The Natalie Wood Story ... Christopher Walken
  19. The Nearest City ... Roger Sharman
  20. New Moon ... Charlie Swan
  21. Suicide Squad ... Captain Cold
  22. Superman Batman: Public Enemies ... Weather Wizard
  23. Twilight ... Charlie
  24. Twilight ... Charlie
  25. twilight meets harry potter ... charlie swan
  26. Twilight Series ... Charlie Swan
  27. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ... Raoul (director)
  28. The Young Assassin II ... Richard Demille
  29. Z for Zachariah ... Mrs.Burden

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