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BROTHER OF SPARTACUS by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

BROTHER OF SPARTACUS is a Action Drama Television Series filmed in New Zealand. The year is 73B.C. 1 Year after the corrupt politician General Crassius defeated the rebel gladiator Spartacus. In Crassius's province, which Crassius rules with a Ironfist. The Gladiator Saurianus is set free by the Amazon Warriors Lila and Solari. After Crassius massacres The Amazons, Saurianus learns from the poet Homer that he is the long-lost brother of Spartacus. Accepting Spartacus was his brother. Saurianus, Lila, Solari, joined by the slave dancer Milda and the Amazon Queen Zenobia. Saurianus sets off outside the Roman Empire to free the …

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