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Christopher Nolan's Spider-Man by Stan Lee - Published by Marvel Comics

What if Christopher Nolan directed Spider-Man ? What would it be like ?

Love, Simon(80's) by Greg Berlanti

what if the film Love, Simon came out in the 80's

Tomb Raider(2008) by Roar Uthaug

10 years ago

GTA The Manhunt Crossover by Rockstar Games

Gta & Manhunt crossover similar storyline to gta V James Earl Cash-The Trevor of the group. Tommy Vercetti-The Michael of the group. Carl Johnson-the Franklin of the group.

DC Marvel Alliance by Alex Luthor

A cross-over film between the DC film universe and the Marvel Comics film universe.

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The Faculty (2018)

The Faculty made 20 years later. Plot: Students suspect that their teachers are aliens after ...

Let Me In

Let Me In if it came out today


If the video game was a movie

The Boxer

Loosely based on the lyrics of "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel. Follows a year ...

Tomb Raider(2008)

10 years ago


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