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Freedom Planet 2 (Movie Version) by GalaxyTrail, Stephen DiDuro

Kick-Ass (2000) by Matthew Vaughn

Kick-Ass made 10 years earlier.

CRIME SCENE by Joe Dartmouth

Plot: A character analysis of a mild mannered sociopath who takes up a job as a crime journalist and resorts to killing people for stories. Influences: Nightcrawler meets American Psycho meets Shattered Glass. MPAA: R for strong violence and language throughout and some brief nudity. Victor Terry: Main character of the story, in his late twenties. Comes off as seemingly normal, but is his superiors don't know he's willing to kill anybody for a good story. Margaret Woodward: Head of the newspaper Victor writes for. At first she enjoys the work she does for her paper, but as time goes ...

Superbad (1997) by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Superbad made 10 years earlier.

FROM THE SKIES by John Silver ("Mutant Weapon") and Tristan Hartup ("Dead Out West")

Recovering from a near death experience with an excruciating battle against the undead, ruthless outlaw turned lone survivor Troy Elliott ("Killer") is still not at peace with himself after struggling to change into a different man. Everything changes when a shooting star strikes down in the middle of the Wild West, prompting the man to investigate the crash site. Marlene Hawkins, miraculously cured from her infection but completely deprived of her superhuman abilities awakens in the Wild West and is taken in by a no nonsense sheriff who rules his town with an iron fist. She does not remember where ...

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Arthur Bremer was the assassination to kill Alabama Governor George C. Wallace on May 15, ...

The New Adventures of Mr. Men Show

The Adventures of Mr. Men and Little Misses Return to the Tv Series

Ice Age

Twenty-thousand years ago, Earth is a wondrous, prehistoric world filled with great danger, not the ...

Last Vegas (2033)

Last Vegas made 20 years later.

Freedom Planet 2 (Movie Version)


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