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Return to Oz by Gill Dennis and Walter Murch

Dorothy returns to the real world, but Uncle Henry and Aunt Em do not believe her and they have her admitted to an insane ayslum. She escapes and soon finds herself back in Oz, which is now in ruins and her friends captured and turned to stone. Dorothy will the help of her new friends must stop the Nome King and Mombie the witch (who wants Dorothy's head for her collection) in order restore order, peace, and the rightful ruler of Oz, Princess Ozma.

Grumpy Old Men (Sitcom) by Mark Steven Johnson

Two old men Max and John, try looking for love, after both wives die. They're children, try to put them into retirement homes but they refuse! Now we follow they're lives together.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World by SEGA Enterprises Ltd.

ALEX KIDD IN MIRACLE WORLD is the story of his lost brother Egle (sometimes refered as ''Igul''), captured by the evil villian Janken the Great (Janken is romanized Japanese for the game Rock, Paper, Scissors which play a important part in the games boss fights). Throughout the adventure he has to face many different monsters, including the three henchmen of Janken the Great, through sixteen stages before he can fight the evil villian...

Mickey Mouse and Friends by Walt Disney

Something happens to Mickey and his friends that transforms them to become lie action people.

SEARCH FOR WALT: The Search for the Actor to Potray Walt Disney. by None

"Search For Walt" is the search to find the perfect actor to potray Walt Disney in a biopic of his life. I have gathered peoples suggestions from various websites to vote on. When you click "VOTE" just put YES or NO next to the persons name. If you have a suggestion for someone else, then post a comment saying who you would like to see.

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