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Life, as it Were by Me

Karen leads a life of men, bars, and one night stands. Her sister Rachel is older and more refined and she owns an art gallery in a Boston suburb. Her marriage to Blake isn’t going that well, especially after their fifteen-year-old son Jonathan committed suicide. Their mother, Hanna, is having her seventy-fifth so they’re both invited back up to New Hampshire where they grew up. Meanwhile Hanna and her husband Charles are having marital problems of their own. Charles is upset because it’s been years since there was any real electricity between them. When everybody’s together we see a mixture ...

The Wiz by William F. Brown

A remake of the 1978 classic The Wiz. This film will still be set in the late 70's, with most of the same costumes as in the original. If you notice some of the characters have two names, the second and more human names are the guests at Aunt Em's thanksgiving party.

Captain Planet by P. Lastica

I know this sounds corny but I think it's about time that Captain Planet was made into a real life movie. Anyway, here's the synopsis... When 5 young teenagers from all over the world are summoned by Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, to bring harmony, peace, goodwill and life to the planet, they unite under the banner of 'The Planeteers' to summon the greatest hero of earth - Captain Planet. Each Planeteer has a special natural power: Kwame, from Africa possesses the Emerald "Earth" Ring. Wheeler, from the USA, possesses the Ruby "Fire" Ring. Linka, from Russia, possesses the ...

The First Easter Rabbit by Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass

Based on the book The Velveteen Rabbit, this adaptation of the Rankin/Bass holiday special tells the story of Stuffy, the stuffed toy rabbit of a girl named Glinda. When Glinda falls ill with Scarlett Fever, her mother must burn everything she owns including Stuffy. But before he could be burned, a fairy gives him life and the journey to become the first rabbit of Easter. However he must contend with a snow wizard and a trio of con rabbits in order to be the first rabbit of easter.

Penelope Pitstop by By Michael Maltese, Joe Ruby & Ken Spears

Penelope "Pitstop" Meyers, so-nicknamed because of her love of vintage racing cars, works in a grocery store in San Francisco. One day, she learns that she is an heiress to a multi-billion dollar fortune. However, she has to wait until her 21st birthday, which is a few months away, before she can inherit her uncle's wealth and estate. However, a clause in the will makes her lawyer, Sylvester Sneikly, the beneficiary of his late employer's fortune, should Miss Meyers die before him. Prompted by his love of the silent movie series, 'The Perils Of Pauline', he emulates the villain, 'The ...

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