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Stranglehold by John Woo and Midway Games

Inspector Tequila is back and this time he must work with The Dragon Claw, a triad gang led by James Wong to rescue Wong's daughter Billie who's Tequila's ex-wife and her daughter Teko from the russian mafia but Tequila dosn't know that Wong's working with the russian.

Red Steel by Ubisoft

Scott Monroe is engaged to Miyu Sato and meets her father,Isao Sato at a hotel in Los Angeles, California, but a rival gang manages to disguise themselves as the hotel staff open fire on Isao and kidnapped Miyu.Scott learns to used the Katana Giri -a legendary weapon once used to punish dishonorable Godfathers and now a symbol of peace giving by Isao must rescue her and defeated the Yakuzas

'Dead don't tell Stories' by Marta - sorry i had to put it into translator -

Thing happens in year in london 1666. Two (two) young people - Terry and they visit tavern bad fame Patrick owianą, they play through amount of money in which (who) big. I want to depart from game Patrick, but everything push playing through literally Terry as it happens -, that they played with demon, which (who) promises resource memorial and luxury, if both will return thing after 5 lat (summer; year) it (him) najwalniejszą. They ride after year on marriage of sister Patricka - Very, in advance which (who) reconciles brother in school ...

Hong Kong Phooey by Hanna Barbera

Hong Kong Phooey is a 16-episode (31 shorts) Hanna-Barbera animated series that first aired on ABC Saturday morning from September 7, 1974 to September 4, 1976. The star, Hong Kong Phooey, is the secret alter ego of Penrod Pooch, or Penry (sometimes mispronounced "Henry"), a "mild-mannered" police station janitor. Although Penry/Phooey appears to be the only anthropomorphic dog in the entire city where the series is set, no one ever connects his two identities.

Paranoia in the Plan by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

PARANOIA IN THE PLAN is a Australian TV Movie which is a sexy and suspense-filled crime thriller. Pizza delievery boy Lucas Armstrong's life is turned upside down, when he delievers a pizza to Tammin Spence, the mistress of criminal Greg Hawkes. As he returns to his car to make his next delievery, Lucas witnesses Greg torture a man who is bound and gagged and kills him. After he is fired from his job by his arogant boss Pete for failing to make the next delievery and his girlfriend Rachel has ran off with his best friend Cam, Lucas is visited ...

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