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ALAN BLADES by Daniel Williamson (Devisor)

ALAN BLADES is a Violent One-Off 12-Part Action TV Serial. Alan Blades is an Intelligent, Paitent and Strong plain-clothes top Policeman of the fictional Las City Police Department (LCPD) who fights crime with his two pistols who soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law, when his team is gunned down in a Drug Bust operation that went wrong and it gets worse - Blade's Superior Officer, corrupt Police Chief Lt. Richard Hardcastle turns Blades into a hunted man and frames Blades for disloyalty and illegally smuggling Drugs into the City and murders Blade's Partner, Hal Ortega in ...

The Incorruptables by Daniel Williamson (Devisor)

THE INCORRUPTABLES is a British Television Drama Series. THE INCORRUPTABLES follows ''The Incorruptables'', a team of 3 Female freelance Agents, Crime Fighters and Private Detectives who work and operate in Cardiff, Wales and acts outside the Police Force and the British Government, who uses their skills in survellience and espionage as they deal with Corruption, as they visit Corrupt Police Officers, Corrupt Corporations, Corrupt Politicans, Corrupt Lawyers and Corrupt Orginizations who have wronged people and have commited dark sins and ''The Incorruptables'' will do whatever it takes to put a stop to their acts of corruption. The 3 Members of ...

Mad Max (2014) by Based on the Screenplay by George Miller and James McCausland

Reboot of the MAD MAX film franchise and a reimaginaing of the 1979 film. Australia 2014. The World's economy is low on fuel supplies, crime is out of control and violent gangs rule the Highways and loot Gasoline Supplies and terrorises Innocent people whilst The ''MPF'' (Main Pursuit Force), an Elite Police Force protects and defends the Townspeople from the violent gangs and upholds the law. After a high-speed car chase which ''The Nightrider'' a former violent Motorcycle Gangleader is killed. Top MPF Officer Max Rockatansky retires from the Elite Police Force. But ''The Toecutter'', the Motorcycle Gang's evil new ...

The Blood by Griselda Gambaro

It tells a love story in England,in the nineteenth century, it is because this time provides consistency and makes certain behaviors and plausible plot situations. The passion of the love between Raphael and Dorothy, forbidden passion, develops in a closed society, which is clearly defined that it is permissible or not. So the attitude of Dorothy, and their conflict are embedded in a larger space than the purely private and family life. If the protagonist lives his story of forbidden love, if it grows with her feelings after her pride and capricious levity of a girl is because she chooses. ...

Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

a multi-part movie series chronicling the many adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his personal war against his mortal enemy Professor Moriarty.

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