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Spy Vs. Spy : The Movie by Antonio Prohías

Two spies, one Black and one White, that are constantly battling one other, and coming up with increasingly sophisticated methods to defeat the other. The Black and White Spies are employed by the embassies of two nations (witch ones is irrelevant) and look identical except for the color of their uniforms, the Spies battle against one other using a variety of complicated creative techniques involving weapons, machines and props.

Hot Fuzz the Television Series by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg (Characters), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

HOT FUZZ THE TELEVISION SERIES is a British Action Comedy show, which is a spin-off TV Series based on the hit Action spoof starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Continuing where we left off from HOT FUZZ, HOT FUZZ THE TELEVISION SERIES is the continuing hilarious chronichles of Top London policeman Sgt. Nicolas Angels and his well-meaning partner, PC Danny Butterman, as they enforce the law and fight crime on the streets of the village Sanford, with help from fellow laid-back police officers: Detectives Andy Wainwright and Andy Cartwright and policewoman Doris Thatcher...

The Transporter: The Television Series by Based on characters created by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THE TRANSPORTER: THE TELEVISION SERIES is a Action series based on the TRANSPORTER films starring Jason Statham and Francois Berleand. THE TRANSPORTER: THE TELEVISION SERIES is set before THE TRANSPORTER (2002) and bridges the gaps between THE TRANSPORTER (2002), TRANSPORTER 2 (2005) and TRANSPORTER 3 (2008) as THE TRANSPORTER THE TELEVISION SERIES chronichles the untold stories of Ex Soldier turned Hired Driver Frank Martin, as he delievers packages and cargos without question, and the pilot episode also reveals how Frank first became ''The Transporter'' and what led him to meet his trusted friend, French police detective Inspector Tarconi...

Wild Things 4 by Stephen Peters (Characters) and Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

WILD THINGS 4 is a TV Movie which is the fourth installment of the WILD THINGS franchise. Stella Valance is the drop-dead gorgeous Australian stepdaughter of respected wealthy buisnessman and one of Blue Bay's powerful and elite members of the community, Andrew Colvin. On her 25th Birthday, almost 5 years after the mysterious suicide of her mother Ava, Stella's life is turned upside-down, when Andrew is killed in a car bombing and it gets worse - Teenage temptress Thora Whitman, Stella's rival, comes forward and claims Colvin is her biological father and wants Andrew's $3 billion dollar fortune, (Thora was ...

Wild Things: Murder for the Money by Stephen Peters (Characters) and Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

WILD THINGS: MURDER FOR THE MONEY is a TV Movie sequel to the classic 1998 crime thriller WILD THINGS and it's 2 sequels. Matt Ericson was once the Blue Bay Police Department's finest homicide detective, until his career came to a sudden end, when a car accident left him wheelchair-bound, and he was forced into retirement. The Blue Bay Police Department is investigating the mysterious death of respected billionaire Bill Jacobs, who is found dead in his swimming pool. The police and the CSI investigating Jacob's dead come to the conclusion that Jacobs commited suicide. But Ericson's daughter Cassie believes ...

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