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Callan by James Mitchell

David Callan is the top agent/assassin for the S.I.S. (British counterintelligence), but he is an embittered man who performs his duties ''for Queen and country'' under duress. This bleak ''Spy who came in from the Cold''-style espionage drama concentrates on the seamy underside of covert operations: assassinations, blackmail and dirty dealing...

THE EQUALIZER by Michael Sloan (Creator) and Daniel Williamson (Suggestion)

Remake of the classic 1980's Action Drama television series. Robert McCall is a former government operative who worked for a orginization known as ''The Company''. Now, on the streets of New York City, McCall works as a vigiliante private detective called ''The Equalizer'' who offers his service through a newspaper ad 'Got a Problem, Need Help, Odds against you? Call The Equalizer'' as he helps people who tried to get help from the police, as he uses his skills as he goes up against New York's dangerous criminals. Also trying to make a normal life, McCall tries to bond with ...

All Time High by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

ALL TIME HIGH is a new British Comedy Drama series. Mark Stapleton has inherited from his late father, Mark Stapleton Sr., who recently died of Alcohol Poisoning, his father's arcade in his hometown Blackpool, which his father ran for 30 years. Giving up his job as a trolley attentant at the local supermarket, Mark follows in his father's footsteps and becomes the new owner of his father's arcade. When Mark becomes romantically invovled with Toyah, daughter of rival arcade owner Phil Masters, who is under suspicion of D.I Denholm Hallworth, for bribes. Toyah's Ex fiancee Blair Charleson is found dead ...

Scarface: The Worlds is Yours by J.J Sebastian, David McKenna and Dylan Ryhmer

''I came here on a boat. Not a dime in my pocket. I had frinds, double crossed by greed. Now Sosa thinks he's gonna take everything i ever had. He thinks i'm going to lay down and die... But Tony Montana don't die that easy. First you get back the money. Then you take back the power. Then, you get the women. But then, you get revenge!'' They thought Tony was dead, but they were wrong. Tony is back! Tony has lost everything, but that never stopped him before. Tony climbs his way back to the top through drug deals ...

Teka Gard: Policewoman from the Planet Magneos by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

On the distant planet Magneos, Alien Policewoman Teka Gard is reassigned. The High Council of Magneos sends Gard to the planet Earth. Arriving on Earth in Los Angeles, with little knowledge of human society, Gard adopting the name ''Rebecca Jones'' begins her new assignment. Gard's new assignment is to track down and execute dangerous criminals that have escaped from Magneos and are hiding on Earth and Gard is also assigned to learn about human society and the human race's way of life. But Gard is not alone on Earth, Gard is joined by ''Monitor'' a invisible floating-orb that monitors and ...

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