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Crossman by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

CROSSMAN is a Action Horror Fantasy TV Series. In 1991, Jim Crossman made a deal with Van Kard, a Immortal Serial Killer (Born in 1888), to save his terminally-ill Wife, Maya. After Van Kard cures Maya of her illness, in exchange for saving Maya, Van Kard gives Jim a dark power called ''The Bloodning'' which is a genetic-mutation, which passes some generations, and sometimes ''The Bloodning'' can give those who possesses it, unnatural long life and to live forever. ''The Bloodning'' is only triggered off by Rage and Trauma and causes you to go psychotic and kill people. But for ...

Alice by American McGee

Alice is based on the video game called "American McGee's Alice". The game itself is based on Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland books. The game is set after Alice's second adventure. Alice's house is burnt down in a fire and her parents are killed. Due to her survivor's guilt, Alice tries to commit suicide and becomes catatonic. She is put in Rutledge Asylum under the care of Dr. Hieronymous Q. Wilson for ten years. Ten years on, Alice is summoned to a nightmarish version of Wonderland by the White Rabbit to kill the Queen of Hearts who rules over the ...

Zombies Ate my Neighbors by Lucas Arts/Konami

Based on the classic Videogame by Konami/Lucas Arts The game follows Zeke and Julie as they battle monsters with an assortment of peculiar weapons. They must fight through over fifty top-down levels and rescue helpless people in each world. By saving the people from the monsters, the player can advance to the next level. Zombies Ate My Neighbors received some censorship upon different releases due to its horror elements. It became a cult classic years after its release and a sequel entitled Ghoul Patrol was released in 1994 by LucasArts. However, it was not as well received as its predecessor ...

Hellraiser by Clive Barker

The plot of the original Hellraiser/The Hellbound Heart

Burn Zombie Burn ! by Doublesix

Living in small town America, Bruce works hard for a living and was hoping for a nice quiet weekend with his girl, Daisy. But when zombies invade and ruin his weekend. He intends to get medieval on their collective asses. Just as well he has that warehouse full lot of homemade zombie-bashing equipment.

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