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Half-Life by Valve

A big-screen version of Valve's critically acclaimed 'Half-Life' series.

I Love you, but you suck by Alan Phasey

A woman grieving for her terminally Ill Husband decides the only way to keep the love of her life is to have him turn in to a vampire. She decides to recruit a Vampire for the job and sets out to find if vampires really do exist and how much do you pay them to turn your husband into an immortal bloodsucker.

Ed Gein by History

A more historically accurate depiction of the story of real life killer Ed Gein. Being born in Plainfield, Wisconsin Ed Gein was born to George and Augusta Gein. George being was a drunk and would abuse Ed and his brother Henry. As life went on he was bullied in school, abused by his mother, lost his brother, and eventually became the killer that has inspired so many fictional characters today.

SAW: The Game Show by CBS/Twisted Pictures

Concept: 8 contestants are placed in adrenaline pumping traps and obsticale courses. Each person is placed on a time limit, after the time goes up that person is considered dead and eliminated. The last "survivor" is the winner of the game.

Predators by Michael Finch, Alex Livtak and Robert Rodriguez

A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators...

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