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GAMESCAPE by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

GAMESCAPE is a American Futuristic Thriller TV Series. The Year is 2020. Half of the World's Population is highly-addicted to a Computer Game called ''Gamescape'', where Players live out their lives and create their own ideal lifestyles. But ''Gamescape'' had dangerous side-effects: Players begin Neglecting their families. They play ''Gamescape'' non-stop for 100 Hours and become detatched from reality and playing ''Gamescape'' would also result with The Players suffering with half of their brains permanently damaged which caused them to go psychotic and resulted in their deaths. ''Gamescape'' has become big buisness for Dealers, who illegally sale Pirate-Duplicate copies at ...

Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott

Susy Hendrix, a blind Greenwich Village housewife becomes the target of three thugs searching for the heroin hidden in a doll, which her husband transported from Canada as a favor to a woman who since has been murdered. The trio tries to convince Susy her spouse has been implicated in the crime and the only way to protect him is to surrender the doll. More murder and mayhem ensue when she refuses, with the stage lights turned off for the final scene when Suzy levels the playing field by plunging her apartment into total darkness.

Punisher 2: Punishing The Guilty by Based on the Marvel Comic

5 Years after he killed Corrupt Buisnessman Howard Saint. Former Undercover FBI Agent/Ex Delta Force Soldier Frank Castle arrives in New York City, to continue his crusade to punish America's most violent criminals as the Vigilante Assassin known as The Punisher, but Castle is still haunted by the memories of his murdered family. But Castle finds himself forced to make a uneasy alliance with Crime Boss Wilson Fisk aka ''Kingpin'', when his son Richard Fisk is kidnapped by the disfigured gangster Billy Russoti AKA ''Jigsaw'', who was left horribly scarred by Kingpin and plots to take control of the Criminal ...

Daredevil (REBOOT) by Frank Miller

The newly announced Daredevil Reboot

Renegade UK by Based on ''Renegade'' Created by Stephen J. Cannell. Daniel Williamson (Idea ''Renegade UK'')

British Version of the American Action series RENEGADE that aired from 1992 - 1997 which starred Lorenzo Lamas who starred as Ex Cop turned Bounty Hunter Reno Raines. Top London Policeman Sargeant Jack Carver is framed for the murder of his wife by his former college, Corrupt Cop Cole Hopkirk. Managing to escape from Prison, Carver soon crosses paths with Bounty Hunter Grant Burnside who has been hired by Hopkirk to capture Carver, but Carver gains Burnside's trust, when Carver saves him from armed hooded muggers. Now a Fugitive and on the other side of the law, Carver decides to ...

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