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The Blood by Griselda Gambaro

It tells a love story in England,in the nineteenth century, it is because this time provides consistency and makes certain behaviors and plausible plot situations. The passion of the love between Raphael and Dorothy, forbidden passion, develops in a closed society, which is clearly defined that it is permissible or not. So the attitude of Dorothy, and their conflict are embedded in a larger space than the purely private and family life. If the protagonist lives his story of forbidden love, if it grows with her feelings after her pride and capricious levity of a girl is because she chooses. ...

Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

a multi-part movie series chronicling the many adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his personal war against his mortal enemy Professor Moriarty.

Friday Night Vigilantes by Created by Daniel Williamson

FRIDAY NIGHT VIGILANTES is an American Action TV Series. Former Cockney Police Officer with a troubled past Luke Blackburn immigrates to New York City, after he killed the man who murdered his Girlfriend. One Night whilst walking alone, Blackburn gains the trust of TK Call, a Streetwise Vigilante (Who hunts down Criminals in hoping someday he will find the people who gunned down his Parents and his Brothers and Sisters which he witnessed as a Child), and saves his life. Blackburn and Call decide to run their own private buisness as they set up a small freelance team of Vigilante ...

PUNISHER by Based on the Marvel Comic. Daniel Williamson (Premise)

PUNISHER is a violent Action TV Series Based on the Marvel Comic. In 2007, Former Undercover DEA Agent and Former Commando, Frank Castle lost everything, when his wife Maria and his son Frank Jr. were gunned down by armed mercenaries employed by the Miami Cocaine Cartel. Wounded and left-for-dead, Castle became ''The Punisher'', a Vigilante Assassin in his crusade to Punish America's Most-Violent Criminals and in the past 6-Years, as ''The Punisher'' Castle has hunted down and Punished 329 Criminals, and his Crusade continues. After Punishing an entire crime family in New York City, Castle becomes a notorious hunted man, ...

GAMESCAPE by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

GAMESCAPE is a American Futuristic Thriller TV Series. The Year is 2020. Half of the World's Population is highly-addicted to a Computer Game called ''Gamescape'', where Players live out their lives and create their own ideal lifestyles. But ''Gamescape'' had dangerous side-effects: Players begin Neglecting their families. They play ''Gamescape'' non-stop for 100 Hours and become detatched from reality and playing ''Gamescape'' would also result with The Players suffering with half of their brains permanently damaged which caused them to go psychotic and resulted in their deaths. ''Gamescape'' has become big buisness for Dealers, who illegally sale Pirate-Duplicate copies at ...

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