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PARASITE POSITIVE by Scott Westerfeld

Two days after arriving in New York for college, Cal Thompson loses his virginity to a girl who picks him up. From this encounter Cal picks up an STD, but this is an unusual one: it turns its victims into "peeps"—parasite positives—raving cannibalistic monsters with unusual strength, night vision, heightened senses, and an affinity with rats. Cal himself turns out to be immune, but he's a carrier—he gets the strength and senses without the nasty side effects. But before he knows it he has infected others. Cal is recruited by the Night Watch, a secret government organization that has existed ...

SEX, MONEY & LIES by Tristan Hartup

Amateur computer hacker David Woodsman travels to Amsterdam to collect his inheritence. When he arrives, he is suddenly caught in a web of conspiracy, suspision and betrayal when a series of murders occur that are connected to a burnt down brothel that all the other inheriters were somehow involved in. As David decides to take the investigation he soon develops a strong relationship with a lesbian prostitute named Melanie, who he suspects to be one of the next targets! MPAA Rating: Rated R for bloody violence including an intense brutal rape scene, disturbing images, sexual content, nudity and language

CALIFORNIA!!! by Diego Tutweiller

Nate California, a wisecracking former Iraq War vet with an affinity for suits and aviators, has his home invaded one evening. He is thrown out the eighth story window, and his wife is kidnapped. His wife, who works at the Pentagon, knows the ins and outs of security, and there's no telling what havoc the terrorists could wreak with her knowledge. A week later, Nate awakes from a coma having miraculously survived the fall, and decides to track down his wife's abductors before it's too late. Putting together his old team, consisting of Alex Gomez, Jane Whitley, Riley O'Neill, and ...

Stay Cool by Ash J. Gilmore

One rookie detective named Nathan is taken for a ride-along with a veteran named Don to retrace the steps of a cold case when a group of past suspects are seen carrying a dead body. The two suspects are taken out in a shootout and the team enter the past investigated building only to find several half decayed bodies and one skeleton who turns out to be the victim of the past case. The rookie is told to leave it to the professionals, but when the so-called "professionals" arrived the bodies are nowhere to be found. Nathan feels that it's ...

Metro 2033 by Dmitri Gloukhovski

In 2013, a nuclear war occurred, forcing a large amount of Moscow's surviving population to relocate to underground metro stations in search of refuge from the outside world. Eventually, those who settled in the underground train stations evolved their homes into independent station-countries. Soon, new factions grew, starting with new Soviet Union and the Fourth Reich. As these small states began to evolve, the New Soviet Union and the Fourth Reich entered war, as both sought to control the metro and its resources. As the war raged, those stations who refused to join either side were massacred by the militants, ...

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