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Orbiter by Warren Ellis

In the early 21st century, the Space Shuttle Venture has suddenly returned to Earth after disappearing ten years ago, its crew missing; save for the catatonic pilot, with new instrumentation, new engines, and covered by something very much like skin. And with Martian sand in its undercarriage. Now a team of three specialist must discover where the Venture went, what’s been done to it and what happened to the crew. Unfortunately, most of the answers are locked-up in the seemingly twisted mind of the pilot. Does he really know the truth, or is he simply a demented casualty of a ...

Ministry of Space by Warren Ellis

In the death throes of the Second World War, the British capture the cream of Nazi rocket science and create a new British Empire where it seems the sun never sets. Instead the sky is lit by the rockets' red glare from a fleet of spaceships bound for the moon and beyond. But who funds this epic endeavour? The truth is the road to space is paved with a secret dark enough to bring the empire to its knees! This searing and satirical look at empire building exposes the horrors that have sometimes been carried out in the name of ...

Deadpool by Marvel

Based on the Marvel character, Deadpool is the "merc-with-a-mouth." During a stint as a black-ops agent, Wade Wilson contracted cancer and enlisted himself into the Weapon X program. In the program, they genetically altered him granting him a very strong healing factor. As a result of the healing factor his skin looks scarred and his sanity is questionable. He escaped the clutches of Weapon X and works as a freelance mercenary with a flair for the dramtic.

Batman: The Dark Knight by the proffesor

this story takes place right after batman begins, batman is after the joker and with his help commissioner gordon, and there are other villians after batman also but batman also has robin and batgir for help.

batman vs supeman by jeff springfield

the story is based on batman and superman and lex luthor can't stand superman but when he meets the joker they both think of a plan to get rid of both of them. they start by making batman and superman hate each other so they can't beat eachother up.

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