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The Flash by Gardner Fox

While touring the crime scene lab of his uncle, Barry Allen, teenager Wally West is doused in chemicals after a lightning bolt strikes them, which enables him to run faster than any other human being on earth. Becoming the Flash, Wally sets out to protect the people of his city from the villainous threats that arise. ( In 1940, writer Gardner Fox (1911–1986) and artist Harry Lampert (1916–2004) created the Flash for All-American Comics, which published under the DC Comics label, with powers and costume inspired by the Greek/Roman god Mercury. The movie is in development with David S. Goyer ...

The A.B.C Warriors by Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill, Mike McMahon & Brendan McCarthy

Created the fight the Third World War between the Volgan Empire and the Westen Alliance, the robotic ABC Warriors are immune to almost all Atomic, Biological and Chemical attack (hence their name). While each one was programmed to believe that they were fighting on the ‘right’ side of the war, many begin to develop what could only be described as personalities, normally quite floored. With the war finally won, the mysterious Colonel Lash recruited three ABC Warriors, decorated sergeant Hammerstein, expert sniper Joe Pineapples and cantankerous Happy Shrapnel, to lead a team to be sent to Mars to put a ...

Nikolai Dante by Simon Fraser

Imagine Han Solo had got the light sabre in the Star Wars Trilogy, and, instead of trying to save the universe for pure hearted motives, decided to cut a reckless swathe through it in the name of amoral personal gain, swashbuckling adventure and romance... After the Last Revolution, many of the old Soviet states and nations lay in ruins. But from the ashes the Mafiya Clans rose, remaking themselves as aristocratic dynasties. Vladimir the Conqueror emerged as leader of the most powerful house, the Makarovs, and appointed himself Tsar of All the Russias. This brave new world mixes aliens and ...

Dilbert by Scott Adams

Dilbert, adapted from the popular comic strip, follows the day-to-day dealings in the life of Dilbert, an engineer who works for a software company. He spends his days toiling with fellow coworkers like Wally and Alice while dealing with the horrors of such individuals as Catbert and the Pointy Haired Boss.

Fables: Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham

After the mysterious Adversary overran their homelands, the remaining free Fables were forced to escape to the mundane world and set up a secret society in what is now New York. Split between Bullfinch Street in the City (where the more human looking Fables live) and the up-state Farm (home of the non-human Fables), they live in an uneasy peace, hiding their true nature from the regular human world. But now a suspected murder has taken place. "Who killed Rose Red?", the question is all anyone can talk about. But only the Big Bad Wolf can actually solve the case ...

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