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STAR WARS: BOBA FETT - FROM BOY TO BOUNTY HUNTER by George Lucas (Characters ''Star Wars'' universe) Daniel Williamson (Idea)

STAR WARS: BOBA FETT - FROM BOY TO BOUNTY HUNTER is a computer animated spin-off series of STAR WARS, from ATTACK OF THE CLONES to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, as the series follows Boba Fett, the son and clone of Mandalorian warrior/bounty hunter Jango Fett, as it chronichles Boba Fett, from his birth on Kamino, to the death of Jango, to his own death on Tattooine, as Boba follows in his father's footsteps as he himself grows up and becomes the universe's most-feared bounty hunter...

The Friday Night Dance-Off by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

''The Friday Night Dance-Off'' is a 2-hour once-a-week Dance show that is aired on television on Friday Night at 9.30pm. Each week ''The Friday Night Dance-Off'' is filmed at local nightclubs across the country. The show has two presenters (1 Male, 1 Female) and the theme music is ''No Limit'' by 2 Unlimited. The show would feature live performances by pop groups and singers. The show also has interviews and exclusive music videos, competitons, Karoke and fun and games. F.N.D.O is all about having fun and having a good time...

Three Sisters (TV Series) by Unknown

A sitcom about the lives of 3 single sisters, Julie, Marie, and Lisa Penn. There neighbors,twins Tim and Tom Brekley, and best friend Cassidy. A show about relationships, and friendship.

Paul Atriedes by Frank Herbert (DUNE novels) Daniel Williamson (Idea)

A 60 minute Science Fiction Drama television series based on the best-selling DUNE novels by Frank Herbert. It is the far future. When his father, Duke Leto Atrides is murdered, Paul Atriedes and his mother Jessica both flee into the desert wastes of Arrakis, The Empire's mining planet, for which is the only source of the drug Melange. Befriend by the native Freman, Paul decides to take leadership of the Fremen and decides to lead them into battle against the evil Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and the corrupt Emperor Shaddam IV (responsible for Duke Leto's murder). Where Paul vows to avenge ...

A Royal Cockney Barrel of Monkeys by Daniel Williamson with Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson

A ROYAL COCKNEY BARRELS OF MONKEYS is a British TV Movie. Richard Atkins is a 48-year old professional cards player. His brother, Charlie has just lost a card game to Ted Ditch, a eccentric cockney television presenter who hosts a hidden-camera show on BBC 2. With only 1 week to pay his gambling debt, Charlie calls upon Richard for help. Richard, unexpectedly finds help from ''The Magnificent Royales'', a team of misfits and card players led by Atkin's childhood pal, Billy Harper. With only 1 week to pay Charlie's gambling debt or Charlie will loose everything, his buisness, his wife, ...

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