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Will Teller by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

WILL TELLER is a British Sci-fi Fantasy series in the tradition of DOCTOR WHO. In London, England in another dimension, a nameless caretaker discovers a magic door and finds himself in our dimension, but the door closes and he finds himself trapped in our dimension. Reading a book about the famous 14th century crossbowman William Tell, the nameless caretaker adopts the name Will Teller. Befriend by a young woman named Lucy Butterworth and her distrustful boyfriend, Ken Arterton. Will takes on alien menaces threatning the Earth and would often foil the schemes of The Face, a mysterious villian, whenever The ...

The Triangle by Daniel Williamson (Original story)

THE TRIANGLE is a TV Movie. ''Some love triangles lead up to dangerous consequences''... Jacques Vanderval is a 40-year old french piano player living in Paris, France. One day Jacques saves divorced stage actress Clarrise Trauffaut from nearly being hit by a car. Sparks fly and Jacques and Clarrise fall in love with each other and Clarrise moves into Jacque's apartment. 6 months later, complications arises, when Clarrise's daughter Monica returns home from Italy with her Italian boyfriend Francesco Annosi, where Jacques and Clarrise learn Monica and Francesco have gotten engaged and are going to get married. Never played a ...

The Driver by Daniel Williamson (Concept)

THE DRIVER is a one-off 8-part 60 minute Action Drama series. He calls himself The Driver, he is a mysterious vigilante dressed up as a limo-driver and wears sunglasses, he drives across the streets of Miami in a armored truck and is armed with a MAC 10 and a MICRO SMG. For 2 years, The Driver has turned the streets of Miami into a warzone as he rids the streets of drug dealers and street gangs and nothing has stood in his way. As The Driver sets out to settle a score with Miami crime boss Charlie Estefan, FBI agent ...

YOR by Ray Collins and Juan Zanotto (Graphic Novel), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

YOR is a 45-minute once-a-week Sci-fi Fantasy Adventure series based on the Graphic novel and the 1983 feature film. Yor is a blonde savage warrior who lives in a post-apocalyptic future world (left devastated by a nuclear war) which is inhabited by tribes of cavemen, dinosaurs, apemen and strange societies. Joined by his companions Ka-Laa and Pak, Yor sets out to solve the mystery of a medallion he wears and uncover his mysterious past and battles the evil Overlord and his army of androids who rules a underground city who holds the answers to Yor's origins and plots to destroy ...

Ace Laserson by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

ACE LASER is a Sci-fi Fantasy TV Series. In a distant galaxy (In the present or the future) Ace Laserson is a daredevil space pilot and captain of the spaceship ''Spacegun''. Joined by his companions: Shem Toonbuck, Ace's co-pilot, the beautiful female space warrior Amazonia, Gorpo, a human computer, Alta, the last of the Altmar race, a clone race wiped out in a galactic war, Fao-Seth, mecernary, Carmara-Seth, Fao's wife, Probios, a loyal robot and Princess Astrala, beautiful heiress of the doomed planet Gaudan, travels across the stars as they do battle against the Cybots, a race of robots who ...

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