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Little Britian's Lou and Andy by Matt Lucas and David Walliams (Characters), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

LITTLE BRITIAN'S LOU AND ANDY is a spin-off of BBC's LITTLE BRITAIN. Lou Todd is a caregiver living in the small British town Herby, Todd looks after Andy Pipkin, a lazy fatman who sits in a wheelchair who watches too much television and has no intrest in the outside world (Lou has taken over from Andy's previous caregiver Maria who is unwell). What Lou doesn't know about Andy is that Andy isn't really wheelchair bound and he gets out of his wheelchair and walks when Lou isn't looking and Andy at times changes his mind about a decision he makes, ...

Friday Night by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

FRIDAY NIGHT is a 6-part 30-minute once-a-week sitcom. Friday nights are boring for Danny Morrissey, the dance-club he ran Friday and Saturday Nights across from his flat has been closed-down by the public and there is nothing good to watch on TV. Danny, a video shop employee and his unemployed flatmate Geordie Birkin tries to find a way of making Friday Nights fun and enjoyable again. But most of Danny and Geordie's every attempt to have a good Friday Night (Going down the pub, Watching DVD's etc.) always ends with disasterous results and don't always go they way they plan...

Hi! I'm Ed Winchester! by Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson (Characters), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

Hi! I'm Ed Winchester! is a spin-off series to the BBC sketch-comedy show ''THE FAST SHOW''. Ed Winchester is an American journalist living and working in London, England. Ed, with his microphone and his regular catchphrase ''Hi, I'm Ed Winchester!'' travels all over the United Kingdom and finds himself in allsorts of strange places, as he interview's quirky characters with bizzare stories, some of these quirky characters are characters from ''THE FAST SHOW''. But most of the time, Ed finds himself in competition with his rival, one-eyed Howard Burnell, as Ed tries to be the BBC's top journalist...

RED-18 by Daniel Williamson (Idea)

RED-18 is a Action Drama TV Series. Wrongly convicted of a series of brutal killings he didn't do, Scott Warren escapes from Death Row, but a guard manages to inject Scott with ''Red-18'' a experimental drug. Scott learns 18 hours after injection, the drug will kill him. With only 18 hours before ''Red-18'' kills him. Scott with help from Jessica Stevens, one of the employees of the WRAY corporation that manafactured ''Red-18'' sets out to prove his innocence by finding the real killer whilst trying to stay alive, whilst outrunning FBI agents Brad Davidson and David Jackson and pursed by ...

Connect Four by Milton Bradley (Board Game), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

CONNECT FOUR is the television version of the classic Milton Bradley game. In Connect Four, two teams of celebrities led by two regular team captains (Male - Red Team, Female - Yellow team) compete each other in four rounds. In each round, the two teams will answer a series of questions, if a team answers a question correctly, they may put a disc on the grid, if a team answers incorrectly, then the other team can put a disc on the grid, in each round, both teams must try and stop each other from getting four in a row. The ...

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