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INTO THE NIGHT by Tristan Hartup

The first installment in the Ayre trilogy. Young, streetsmart wannabe private detective who calls himself "Ayre" spends almost all of his nights investigating small and secret organised crimes. After a forced one night stand with the congressman's rebellious teenage daughter Scarlett, he is soon fighting for both his life and her life as he is faced off against a deadly sociopathic serial killer. MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violent and disturbing content, and for some sexuality.

The Treehouse Gang by MK

A group of friend who ran a junior detective agency as children are reunited 30 years later after one of them dies under mysterious circumstances. Convinced foul play was involved, the remaining friends decide to stick around town to solve one last mystery. Questioning everyone from city officials to friendly old ladies, they soon realize that murder is much harder to solve than missing pets.

Mars- One way by Alan Phasey

NASA has been searching for a Candidate for a one way trip to Mars. To keep the human rights groups happy they have agreed that the candidate must have a terminal incurable ailment. Henry is eventually selected trained and sent to space on this one way adventure. All starts off well, with constant comunication from earth, but eventually the communications fade away and Barry's morale and health steeply decline. In a delerious state he is suddenly aware of other beings that have now taken him from his space craft. Are they human or Alien?? Has NASA some how sent a ...

PARASITE POSITIVE by Scott Westerfeld

Two days after arriving in New York for college, Cal Thompson loses his virginity to a girl who picks him up. From this encounter Cal picks up an STD, but this is an unusual one: it turns its victims into "peeps"—parasite positives—raving cannibalistic monsters with unusual strength, night vision, heightened senses, and an affinity with rats. Cal himself turns out to be immune, but he's a carrier—he gets the strength and senses without the nasty side effects. But before he knows it he has infected others. Cal is recruited by the Night Watch, a secret government organization that has existed ...

SEX, MONEY & LIES by Tristan Hartup

Amateur computer hacker David Woodsman travels to Amsterdam to collect his inheritence. When he arrives, he is suddenly caught in a web of conspiracy, suspision and betrayal when a series of murders occur that are connected to a burnt down brothel that all the other inheriters were somehow involved in. As David decides to take the investigation he soon develops a strong relationship with a lesbian prostitute named Melanie, who he suspects to be one of the next targets! MPAA Rating: Rated R for bloody violence including an intense brutal rape scene, disturbing images, sexual content, nudity and language

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