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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

Seventeen year-old Tom Sawyer is looking forward to life beyond schooling. He is keen to spend most of his time with his friend Huckleberry Finn, despite his aunt, Polly Clements, being opposed to such a friendship. Tom is also considering his feelings for Becky, the daughter of Judge Thatcher, the man in charge of ensuring law and order prevail. One night, Tom and Huck are in a graveyard when they witness the brutal stabbing of Dr Robinson by local villain, Injun Joe. He frames Muff Potter, but is exposed by Tom Sawyer. Injun Joe vows revenge, wich places the lives ...

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

A novel about star-crossed lovers, a bloodthirsty(but trying to redeem himself)vampire called Edward and a human girl called Bella. They fall in love, but they have to face the troubles that lie ahead of them in their relationship, especially the fact that they are of a totally different kind. Full of romance, suspense, and intrigue, it is a book you would not to miss out on!

Pop Goes The Weasel by James Patterson

"It's all just a game, darling. I play with three other men. Their names are Famine, War and Conqueror. My name is Death. You're a very lucky girl - I'm the best player of all."

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling

The 6th Book in the thrilling Harry Potter Series, where the well-known main cast will be joined by a few new faces, wished for here...and if I used Rachel Youngberg for more than one part, it's because she can play any of them, and should become part of the Harry Potter legacy, even though she's a North American actress, because she's awesome. A lot happens in this book, and pieces start to fall into place with the Gaunt family mystery solved...and could R.A.B. really stand for R.B.A.? The plot thickens...and I can't wait for book number seven, or film number ...

Stone of Farewell by Tad Williams

Second Part of the series (four parts) Memory, Sorrow and Thorn. An epic tale about a boy called Simon who finds himself on a journey in a land that is torn by civil war between High King Elias and his brother Josua. In the first part (The Dragonbone Chair) Simon, along with his troll friend Binabik, sets out to find the mythical sword Thorn. The remnants of the army of Josua gather at the Stone of Farwell, a place of mysterie and old sorrow...To resist the armies of the High King, his evil priest Pryrates and their dark aliance with ...

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