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Bridesmaids 2 by Kristen Wiig & Annie Mumolo - New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D Taylor

Helen's stepson has set a date for his wedding to a German young woman, Clara Duzeke, he met on one of his father's business trip. With her friends and family coming over to the US, Helen has a lot to arrange. Clara's maid of honour, Salina Verrosmer, arrives, but without the bridesmaids. All of them were injured when the coach taking them to the airport swerved to avoid a deer and headed down a grass verge. As a result, they are all in hospital and can't make it to the wedding. With replacement bridesmaids needed, she enlists the help of ...

Rachael by Irvine Welsh & Rankin - Additional Characters & Plot Variations By J.D Taylor

Life in Britain during the mid-Fifties is full of people trying to recapture what it was like in the years prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, but for 17 year-old, Brighton-born Rachael Garvey, this social climate seems stale and uninspiring. Her older sister, Samantha, is on the verge of marrying the son of her boss, but Rachael is becoming adventurous and developing a curiosity for sex: something that worries her parents and Samantha. With Rock 'n' Roll just around the corner, waiting to shake-up the nation, Rachael feels the time is approaching for her to break free ...

The Ground Beneath Our Feet by J.D Taylor

In 1887, a newly-married young couple from Germany, Hanrik & Lorta Koppelstehn, travel to America to start a new life, and they find themselves making their home on a farm in the state of Wisconsin. Twenty-six years later, the lease on their farmland is ruthlessly taken over by a mining baron - Russell Jackson - who employs underhand and evil tactics to expand his empire. The family, now calling themselves the Kosteins' to fit into the American way of life, together with their three daughters - Holly (Holinna), Margaret (Mahrgerit) & Gerda (Gerhdina), are driven from their home by bandits. ...

TIME JUMPER by Tristan Hartup

17 year old trouble making outcast John Hawke discovers high tech equipment that can send people through time, after a freak accident, John gets sent through time and meets Libby, a young woman who comes from a future where cancer has been permanently cured, but the side effect of the cure gives people the ability to teleport throught time, through the times, John and Libby begin to fall in love. But when John creates a major paradox and Libby's life is threatened, John suddenly discovers he somehow has the same ability and vows to make things right. MPAA Rating: Rated ...

Time-Shift by Steven Spielberg

a tale about 5 man and 5 woman and their relationship with each other It will have character played by different actors as time go by Take place in 2015 1995 1985 1975 1965

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