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Hulkamania: The Hulk Hogan Story by WWE

A tale of how Hulk Hogan become the most iconic and greatest wrestler of all-time. From his fierce battle with André the Giant, Real-Life Rivalries with Macho Man Randy Savage, Pass the torch to The Ultimate Warrior, Defend America from Sgt. Slaughter, His time at WCW as NWO Leader and his greatest match with The Rock At the end, Hulk Hogan was indict to Hall of Fame by Sylvester Stallone

To the Stars by Mark Wiatrowski & Kevin Panetta

Cade is a seventh-grade misfit who is relentlessly bullied at school and misunderstood at home. One day a stray dog follows him home and he reluctantly lets it stay the night. It sleeps in his room. He wakes up the next day and finds a girl sleeping there. Her name is Ellie and she is an extraterrestrial who is on the run after escaping government captivity where she and her family have been brutally tortured by government scientists. During the course of the film, Cade tries to teach her about the good in people (although it becomes apparent that he ...

NEVER LOOK BACK by Tristan Hartup

A young, mute outcast with incredible art skills spends his time wandering aimlessly in and out of different towns, avoiding all social interaction and living his life by one important instruction: to never look back. Until a series of uncontrollable incidents allows his despised past to catch up to him. MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, disturbing images, language, sexuality/nudity and brief drug use. Other Characters: Christina Ark - 30 year old secretary and single mother who takes pity on the Outcast. Miles Hauser - obsessed investigative journalist trying to expose the Outcast's past. Donald Callahan - owner of a ...

Odd Thomas (2003) by Paramount Pictures, Stephen Sommers, Dean Koontz

If the 2013 supernatural movie starring Anton Yelchin and directed by Stephen Sommers was made 10 years ago. (Check out my other titles:

OTHELLO by William Shakespeare

It is the 16th century, and Venice is at war with Turkey. The Venetian army is being restructured to meet the demands of battle. An accomplished corporal, Iago, is hoping for promotion to Lieutenant. When the leader of the armies, a general called Othello, gives the position to Cassio - an inexperienced captain - he swears vengeance. Seeing that Desdemona, the young woman who married him without her father knowing, is Othello's weakness, Iago sets about poisoning his relationship with his new wife. Playing on his jealousy and rage, the twisted corporal sets in motion events that will lead to ...

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